Sunday, 5 February 2012

EiS Kembali~

     Hye viewers...agak lama gak la aq xupdate blog nie...ade sbulan gak lah..huhuu...xdo maso xde idea...cuti sem ni pown keje ku ~~BERTAPA~~...l0lx..

     Act,till now aq masih xde idea nk isi per kat blog kesayangan aq nie but nk nmpk blog nie xdela bersemak n macam rumah hantu yg ditinggalkan, aq pown mengambil inisiatif utk menulis sesuatu pada-nya( namakueis ) ^o^' sekaligus ingin menyatakan yg Hisan Halim kini kembali berblog~ =))

       Dalam kesepian hati tanpa teman...ceh3...terimalah 'I Used To Live In The Dark'

I used to live in the dark girl
And a far away land
And the place just gets darker n darker n darker
You try,
You try to go in and tell me
But the more you're in
It got bored out to set yourself free
And I stayed
Forever I was I to get time to look back
But you,
You all the ways
And all you have to do was wait for today
And I found my life 
I used to live in the dark
But I found my light
Now I can see in the dark
So I'm on the journey
but the road's going down
So with you are with me
You need to know it's sucks to be frowning
But after you cross the line
So the race here you won
We used to live in the dark girl
Both you and I
But you made it out
Hey baby I stayed inside
But you,
You know my ways
And all you have to do is wait for today

But you call 'you my hero'
But you call 'you my love'
But you call 'you in whatever'
I'm living this life for
But now i can see you its getting brighter
I think that I'm just going stay right here
Right here~~

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~pena namakueis~